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    Regular maintenance is the most important aspect of owning just about anything.  A camper, trailer or RV can be an expensive investment, but can yield years of fun, joy and memories if taken care of properly. The number one destroyer of a camper or RV is mother nature.  Water damage can quickly turn your home away from home from your favorite resort into a deep dark money pit.  Taking care of your wheel bearings, brakes and tires is just as important.  Nothing ruins a vacation faster than being stranded on the side of the road before you even get there.  At Camper/Trailer Parts and Repair we strongly believe doing something when it needs to be done, and doing it right the first time, is the only way to do anything.  And that's what we do for you. Spend a little now or a lot later.


     We carry all the products you need to seal up your roof, moldings, windows, compartments and more.         We have roof lap caulk in multiple colors, silicone in multiple colors, putty tape, adhesive sealant tape, roof cleaner, roof protectant, aluminum moldings, screws, vents and more.  You can get what you need and do it yourself or we can do it for you. 

        NEW ROOF

    New roofs very in price by type of roof, whether replacing the rubber only or repairing water and physical damage as well, replacing the complete roof inside and out including ceiling panels, rafters, duct work, insulation, etc., or adding additional features / items.

     On average a new roof will range from $350.00 to $500.00 per foot of roof length.  Many people choose to spend $8,000 or $10,000 to rebuild a camper they own and love rather than TENS OF THOUSANDS to buy a new one that will likely leak and need repairs in a few years anyway.

     We also custom build pop up roofs (approx $300-$450 / ft length)

    We can rebuild hybrid bunk ends approx $1500 per bunk.

    All our repairs are supperior to the original manufactures in quality and water tightness.


     Since all of our roofs are custom, we can build them with any features you want.  Things we have done are fold down TV's and speakers in a pop up roof.  Additional lights or speakers in a trailer.  Vents added or relocated.  Just about anything. 

     See our repair photos online for examples of our work, or stop by and talk to us for even more examples.  Be sure to read our Why Us page as well.



     Brake and wheel bearing maintenance needs to be done regularly.  If you have a boat trailer they should be done every fall.  A snowmobile trailer or any other trailer that gets used on a snowy, salted road needs to be done every spring.  Most travel trailers need to be done every couple of years, but should be done every year if used often or driven more than 10,000 miles a year.  Utility, construction or high use / high abuse trailers should be done every year, if not twice a year.

    Simply pumping grease into your hubs doesn't work and we do not recommend this. Over greasing this way can cause grease to leak out and ruin your brakes.  

    When we do your maintenance we remove all the hubs, remove all the bearings and throw away the old grease seals.  Every bearing is individually cleaned and inspected, replaced if necessary (with a new race as well, we never install bearings without replacing the race), grease packed and reinstalled.  Grease seals are always replaced as are cotter pins or tang washers.  The brakes are cleaned and inspected, repaired or replaced if necessary, lubricated and properly adjusted. 


2024 PRICES starting at:

    $205.00 single axle without brakes

    $250.00 single axle with brakes

    $375.00 tandem axle without brakes

    $425.00 tandem axle with brakes

    $599.00 - $675.00 tri-axles


All oil bath axles and all axles over 7,000 lbs will cost extra.  Oil seals average $30 - $70 each. 

P.S. How old are your tires?  Tire manufacturers recommend replacing trailer tires every 5 years, regardless of wear.




    We sell RV antifreeze, as well as all the supplies needed to properly winterize your trailer.  We can also do it for you of course. All of our winterizes come with a free repair guarantee if done before our freeze cut off date.

2023 Winterize:

    $140.00 plus antifreeze for most units

    $210.00 plus antifreeze for larger units with residential fridges, icemakers, washers, dishwashers, multiple bathrooms, etc.  

    All of our winterizes come with a guarantee against freeze damage if done before our cut off date.

    In the spring we can perform a Summerize.  We now offer 3 options:

2023 Summerize:

     Basic - flush out fresh water system with sanitizing solution, install any filters if present, drain system and plug water heater.

$100 most trailers & class C's

$150 most class A's

     Standard - Basic flush plus light all LP appliances, check air conditioner, test fridge heating element. (includes minor repairs)

$150 most trailers & class C's

$200 most class A's

     Deluxe - Basic and Standard options plus check all interior and exterior lights and set your tire pressure (includes minor repairs).

$220 most trailers & class C's

$270 most class A's


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